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Our vision is to innovate with everyday waste materials.
Whether it is household waste or industrial waste or natural waste.

A lot of these waste materials have a huge life but only a small percent of its life is utilized before it is discarded and reaches the dump yards. We use these so called waste, as new rich raw materials to innovate (processing innovations, weave exploration and product innovation) with and create new products that would replace all that we use in our day to day life. This would not only utilize the waste materials and increase its life but also

reduce new natural resources from being eaten.

We focus on creating quality products that completely `trash’ the notions of garbage and instead provide utility centered durable products that we believe can easily replace anything you buy in style, design, function and life! We intend to compete with existing products (that use new resources) in terms of form, function, design and cost. We basically reuse and thereby upcycle, following a cradle to cradle design approach.
  People from various underprivileged communities form a core part of our team. They involve themselves in various stages of our project. Each of them have a say in the company and we co-create and innovate together.  
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