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Our Design Sensibilities
Empowering Livelihoods
Waste Materials
The Waste Cycle
Our Interventions
Our Process
The Wasted Story

  Increasing the income and teaching skills for life and co-creating by collaborating with various underprivileged and unexposed communities
Look at the ways we truly empower livelihoods
  Exploring various ways of processing, weaving and productualizing these materials into amazing designs that makes a statement. We explore with household, industrial and natural waste materials
Some of the materials we use are:
    Non recyclable Waste Materials  
    Lays/Kurkure plastic packets
Polythene bags
    Eco Friendly Materials  
Coconut Husk
  Bringing together various people from diverge Professions to bring to table their values and expertise to make the project a rich and meaningful venture
Look at the list of people who are collaborating
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